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For the next 2 weeks, the RAW blog will be taking a little summer break.

There are a few reasons for this, like the fact that I will be away on a writing retreat for a week. But mostly, I’m hard at work starting up the new Reading As Writers critique group, RAW Critters. I’m quite impressed by the interest I’ve gotten from members of the Writers’ Community of Durham Region. It looks like many of you are like me and find the online thing more realistic a commitment. There is RAW Critters Imagedefinitely an advantage to meeting in person: The discussions writing circles can get into are often spontaneous and lead to the type of unplanned enlightenment facilitated by face-to-face contact. There are advantages to exchanging feedback online as well, but more importantly, for some it comes down to belonging to an online group or not belonging to any group at all. Feedback on one’s work is vital, so let’s take it wherever we can find it!


Want something else to read in the meantime?

I would invite any site visitors to check out the past issue of the Writers’ Community of WW Logo for RAW siteDurham Region’s newsletter The Word Weaver. The May/June 2013 issue features some great content, such as a recap by WCDR member Tobin Elliott on our February speaker, author Lena Coakley, and her talk on her Seven Tips About Story. If you’re a member of the WCDR, then you’ve already got access to the July/August 2013 of The Word Weaver, so be sure to check it out!


On my summer reading shelf:










That’s what I have planned, but I can’t be sure if I’ll get to each of them, and I can’t guarantee I won’t be switching titles as I give in to my “new book crush” tendencies.

What are you reading this summer?


(See you in August! Also, Books & Bevvies returns in September. Date TBA.)




Remember the blog chain that went around a little while back? It spread to the point that there was no one left to tag at the end. It turns out the Writers’ Community of Durham Region has quite a few “big things” in the mix. Some are even working on more than one projects.

There are some pretty compelling stories being created out there. So, if you’re interested to see what our members are working on, check out the list. I’ve included the one-sentence synopsis for each work in progress for those who want a quicker read, but please pop over to the full blog post if you’d like to read more about the member and their WIP. After all, you might be buying one of these in book form in the not-so-distant future…

These are “working titles” by the way! It’s one of the questions asked in the blog chain, for those who don’t know.

Which one of these would you pick off a shelf?


Ruth E. Walker’s A Winter Project

Ruth Walker

“A savvy but jaded trade unionist rediscovers his place in the world after catastrophe tosses him into the jaws of small town village life, where a nod on the street can fuel gossip, guesswork and generosity.”

Read Ruth’s blog chain post.



Sharon Overend’s Look Over Your Shoulder

Look Over Your Shoulder is a story about forgiveness and redemption."

Read Sharon's blog chain post.





Marissa Campbell's Raven's Blood

"When Avelynn, the headstrong and fiercely independent daughter of a powerful earl, is forced into a betrothal with Demas, a man who only covets her wealth and status, she takes matters into her own hands, stumbling into a passionate love affair with Erik, a Viking—the sworn enemy of England, committing heresy by dabbling in pagan arts, and invoking the ire of several powerful men in the kingdom by leading men into battle, all the while walking a dangerous line as Demas’ tactics to possess her become more desperate and increasingly brutal."

Read Marissa's blog chain post.

Mel Cober's Box of Secrets